The mind and co-creator of NLP - live!

Dr. Richard Bandler in a Live Webinar Series

along with his most outstanding NLP trainers worldwide
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John La Valle
26.06.2020, 18:00-20:00
(German time, UTC+2)
[Recording available!]
Dr. Richard Bandler
12.07.2020, 18:00-20:00
(German time, UTC+2)
[Recording available!]
Kathleen La Valle
29.06.2020, 18:00-20:00
(German time, UTC+2)
[Recording available!]

What you can expect: world-class NLP

We bring international NLP directly to your living room.
On an international scale NLP is continuously developing. Take this unique opportunity to get all your questions answered by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richards Bandler, and his team of leading NLP trainers.
  • Experience Dr. Richard Bandler and his best NLP trainers LIVE!
  • Find out how NLP has developed on an international level!
  • Only one registration for all 3 sessions. And: You choose the price yourself!
  • Do something good for children. All earnings will be donated!

Here’s how it works

Register, enjoy world-class NLP and do something good in the world!
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Register now and secure your spot! The price includes all  webinars - you choose how much you want to spend.
2. Experience international NLP
Experience Dr. Richard Bandler and his best NLP trainers worldwide! They will answer your personal questions.
3. Do something good
Make children smile again! All earnings will be donated to the organisation “Kinderlachen”.
All live webinars will be recorded! You can register until July 12th. If you missed an interview or don't have time to attend one of the live webinars, you can still watch the recording and benefit from the unique content. We are looking forward to you!

Streaming onpurpose: We donate all earnings!

Learn from the best and do something good – all earnings will be donated.
Together as NLP community, we want make the world a little bit better! That is why we will donate all earnings to the organisation “Kinderlachen”. They support children in need, who are suffering, especially during the current situation of Corona, and put back a smile on their faces. We look forward seeing you and the children are looking forward to your support!


Interview partners, dates and content
Dr. Richard Bandler
Thinking on Purpose - Interview with the genius behind NLP (Live-Interview)
12. Juli 2020, 18:00 - 20:00 (German time, UTC+2)
Dr. Richard Bandler is the co-creator of NLP and the genius behind NLP. For more than 40 years he has been continuously refining NLP and creating even more efficient methods, that lead to fast and lasting changes.
John La Valle  [Recording available!]
NLP in Business - How to optimize your business skills (Live-Interview)
26. Juni 2020, 18:00 - 20:00 (German time, UTC+2)
John La Valle is the president of Society of NLP, co-author of “Persuasion Engineering” and a highly recognized business consultant. He is the expert when it comes to applying NLP in a business environment.
Kathleen Lavalle [Recording available!]
NLP in relationships - How to communicate more effectively (Live-Interview)
29. Juni 2020, 18:00 - 20:00 (German time, UTC+2)
For more than 20 years Kathleen La Valle has been training alongside Dr. Richard Bandler. She ist the expert in language models and loves to make them easily understandable for everyone. Kathleen has a great expertise in teaching and inspires with her humour, creativity and enthusiasm.

Your hosts & NLP trainers: Olga Igel & Michael Wurst

We are happy to present you this live webinar series!
We, Olga Igel and Michael Wurst, are excited to present you this unique opportunity. For many years now we have been offering NLP trainings based on the high quality standards of the Society of NLP. For us it has been always important to learn from the best and continuously broaden and deepen our skills to teach our participants the latest insights, techniques and developments in NLP worldwide. That is why we take the chance to go to Orlando as often as possible to exchange the latest ideas and knowledge with the best trainers around the world. Unfortunately, this year, our flight was cancelled shortly before departure due to the corona lockdown. That is why we are even more excited to bring Richard, John and Kathleen to Germany in this Live-Interview-Series. We are looking forward seeing you in the live webinars!

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The most important questions and answers.
Do I need to register for each webinar session individually?
No. With only one registration you can take part in all live webinars.
I have missed a webinar or am not available at one of the dates. Does it still make sense for me to register?
Absolutely! We will record all webinars and make them available to participants a few days after the webinar. You can then watch the recording at any time. You decide which content you want to watch and when - and at the same time you set your own price.
What does the webinar series cost? Why are there different prices?
You decide what you want to pay. During the registration process you have the choice between different price levels. It is up to you, how much you can pay and want to.
Do I get a donation receipt?
No. A receipt can only be issued by a non-profit organisation. After your registration you will receive an invoice incl. VAT from our payment partner Namotto/elopay. All money will be donated to “Kinderlachen” after the Live Webinar Series.
How can I submit my personal questions?
After your registration you will receive an email which explains how you can submit your questions.
How can I access the webinars?
An hour before the start of each webinar you will receive a mail with your personal link to join the live session.

echtesNLP - who are we?

echtesNLP offers certified NLP trainings according to international standards.
echtesNLP offers certified NLP trainings according to the international standards of the Society of NLP. At our seminar locations in Stuttgart, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Münster, Düsseldorf and Dortmund, you attend our professional trainings. Besides our 2-day introductiory NLP workshop, echtesNLP offers all certified training levels: From NLP Practitioner, to NLP Master up to NLP Coach. If you have any questions about the training courses, please visit or simply contact us.

NLP Eternal: The NLP Streaming Platform

You want to see and learn more from Richard Bandler? NLP Eternal is the Netflix for the NLP community.
Finally, we do have one little recommendation for you. If you want to see more of Dr. Richard Bandler, we can highly recommend NLP Eternal. It is the “Netflix for the NLP community”. There you can stream many of Richard Bandler’s Videos and Audiobooks and experience him live. On the platform you find both - videos from the older days and current recordings. For only 199 USD/year you have access to all videos.
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